Day 59


We had a few wake-ups in the night – a fireworks show nearby at 10pm, then the moon was rising brightly, and last a deer crashing and snort-wheezing through our camp. But, we still woke up fairly early and hit the trail… Nothing exciting happened all morning. The awful PA rocks we were promised somewhat materialized, but interspersed with really flat, easy trail. At lunch we hit a B&B with a bar, so we had a beer with our trail lunch.

After that, more of the same… Both of us have sore feet now (shocker).  We made our way to a shelter, which turned out to be in someone’s backyard. We are camped on their side lawn. Lots of northbounders, including a French-Canadian! They were nice but definitely have their clique going on.

Question from email:
How many litres of beer have you consumed?

A: surprisingly few – hiking has made us lightweights. We haven’t had more than 2 (Megan) -3 (Ryley) beers each in any sitting.

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