Day 38


Green Mountain Hostel

A lazy morning, we made blueberry pancakes and coffee and chilled out until 11. Then we got a ride into town from Jeff, the owner of the hostel, and grabbed lunch to go.  We intended to walk out of town, and hitch to the trail, but we figured we’d first walk to a Ben and Jerry’s outlet, trying to hitch on the way, and let fate decide whether we hiked or had ice cream. Jeff saw us walking and very kindly picked us up and drove us the 5 miles to the trailhead.


So, we headed off into the muggy forest, ice-cream-less but happy for the ride. The plan was a 10 mile hike, but we got that done by 4, so decided to press on over Mt Stratton, which was a smooth climb and had a nice fire tower at the top to give us a breezy view of the area.  We ended up another few miles down the other side by a road with 3 northbounders for company.

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