Day 32 – A Day Off


8 v 8 pickup frisbee!

Today we took off hiking, although we still filled it with activities. First, we got a ride into town and had another delicious breakfast. Then we met up with Ross and did our resupply. I found an afternoon game of bridge and Megan made cookies for Ross (and us) and watched half of Flashdance. Then we picked a bunch of blueberries, ate a lot of them, and headed off to a game of pick-up Ultimate Frisbee. (mk side note: Ross recommended we check for ticks after Blueberry picking and I found what I thought was a tick. I asked Ross to confirm – he said “umm no..wait. Oh. Yeah. That’s exactly the kind you want to avoid (that can carry and contract lyme’s disease). Oh, good.)
Turns out Ross and I share a lot of interests, including bridge and frisbee 🙂  Megan and I were awful at frisbee as we didn’t really want to run much but we had some fun before giving up… We ended up at a pub with many of the players, had a few local brews and dinner (generously paid for by the frisbee organizer!)

We got back to Ross’s late and watched the rest of the movie over beers, homemade cider, and ice cream. A very late night for us, but a fun day!


Switchback Ale – Switchback Brewing, Burlington, VT
Shed Amber Ale – Shed Brewery, Stowe, VT
Double bag Ale altbier – Long Trail Brewing, VT
Mayflower Porter, Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth, MA – Megan’s favourite so far
Ross’s homemade cider – better than scrumpy?

Ben & Jerry’s
Shared a Peanut butter chocolate with fudge core

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