Day 54

Apparently 2 donuts is not a good bedtime snack. I was a little jittery and had trouble falling asleep in the motel. In the morning I was out trying to hitch back to the trail before 9, and eventually got a ride just before 10. The guy driving me had an open beer in his lap and offered me one… at 10am. He had another while we were driving. Not my favourite ride ever, but it got me to the trail…

The guidebook describes the hike as being really beautiful but I think since the author walked things have changed a bit. There are now some dirt and gravel roads through the area that ruin the perception of the area as pristine. Anyways, the hiking was still nice just not amazing.

In the afternoon my shin started really bugging me, even through a bunch of ibuprofen. The trail followed a ridge top with a steep drop on one side and neat views off the other. I can feel the Winds getting closer :). I’m a little nervous about whether I can hike through the pain or not, but I guess the answer is that I will… I just might not enjoy it!

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 17, 2011
Day 54
Daily Distance: 22.6 miles
Trip Distance: 1028.3 miles

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  1. Jim Wolf says:

    Hi, Ryley —

    thanks for posting your link on Trail Journals — I hadn’t know of it previously.

    What guidebook describes this as pristine and beautiful? That’s certainly true of the route between Brooks Lake Lodge and Togwotee Pass, but I don’t think my guide gives that impression for the terrain south of Togwotee Pass. What did you have in mind?


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