Day 107


We started today by climbing Firescald Knob, which came with a warning about how “exposed” it was. Only on the AT would that mean “exposed to the sun” instead of the normal “exposed to cliffs and danger of falls”. Anyways, it had some nice views but didn’t totally wow us. The rest of the morning is a blur, not much happened.


Above Hot Springs

In the afternoon we climbed up to a fire tower, saw the area, and weren’t too impressed. We decided to push into Hot Springs instead of camping just outside. As we got close, descending a ridge, we got some cool views down to the river and bridge beside town. This is the lowest elevation we’ve been at in awhile and it is noticeably hotter. We are staying in an Inn that is 170 years old. Brown would have loved it. We think he’s in town along with the Highwaymen but we have no service so we can’t check… Oh well, a quick resupply, a burger and a few beers at the local pub will do us fine.

AMB Black and Gold Porter
Hi-Wire Bed of Nails Brown
Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout (winner!)

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