Day 101

While wandering up some nice switchbacks today, I realized I sent a box of food to Cuba, NM by mistake. I was supposed to send it to the town before Cuba and eat it while walking there. This is what I get for being rushed in Pagosa. I figured out what to do to work around my boneheadedness, and I think everything will be fine 🙂

I am so close to New Mexico, I think I can see it! Probably helps that I’m camped near the top of Flattop Mountain. Flattop is apparently the last spot over 12,000 feet on the trail. I’m looking forward to being down a bit, hopefully just a few degrees warmer and less rain would be nice.

Oh, today’s rainstorm perfectly coincided with my dinner break (taken conveniently under a tree). Started pouring as I fired up my stove, and ended as I packed up. Then I enjoyed the evening light as I hiked up an open ridge/mesa, finally descending until I found a good sheltered spot lower on the ridge to camp. Great views for hours and a sunset to boot!

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 2, 2011
Day 101
Daily Distance: 28.6 miles
Trip Distance: 1949.5 miles

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2 Responses to Day 101

  1. John Walker says:

    Ryley! Glad to hear that you’re slogging on–only one more state to go (and hopefully improving weather). Your blog is a great read; really interesting adventures and the descriptions of what you’re seeing, while brief, are illuminating. I’ve been passing your blog around to friends and they’re impressed too. I think you should publish it when this is over. Sounds as though you’re making a few mistakes in these last few days, perhaps the stresses of weather and Colorado heights distracting you. Hope you stay well and keep up the blog. Have you thought of continuing your walk through Mexico? Just kidding!

  2. Hailey says:

    hahah, you better be kidding John.

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