Day 91


Relaxing at Woods Hole

We didn’t rush out of the hostel, planning to hang out most of the day. We had a late, communal breakfast with everyone (sausage, eggs, crepes, and fresh bread). After that, we all helped get some chopped logs out of the woods for their water heater. In exchange, Neville baked us all our own loaf of bread. We had ours fresh out of the oven at 3, along with butter, and a giant fruit milkshake. Before the bread, we watched thunderstorms roll through from noon onwards from the dry porch. We finally dragged out of there at 4 and hiked a nice 7 miles to the closest shelter – both of us in new shoes we’d had sent to Wood’s Hole. Megan’s old ones actually had a hole right through the sole and insole. At the shelter we met a section hiker named Golden Bear there and hung out for a bit. We were all too full to actually eat our dinners.


Brown in the green tunnel

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  1. susan breiddal says:

    now that must be a first! I love the tunnel picture

  2. Blair says:

    Agreed. Nice tunnel picture. Very cool

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