Day 72

Never even used a blanket last night, just fell asleep fully clothed on the floor (mostly sober too!). We packed up in the morning and Lucky Joe bought the whole crew breakfast. Then we all went our separate ways. I went back to a great Italian/French sandwich shop and had them make me a “chef’s choice” sandwich to go. They were quite entertained by getting to make me something interesting. One of the other chefs was telling me to come back again so he could make me one too!

Then I caught the bus to the edge of town and waited awhile for a hitch up to the trail…. Which was just the side of the highway for 13 miles. Oh well! Got back into the trees to camp, and I’m back with Lucky Joe and Chance due to them getting a bit lost earlier.

I listened to a lot of podcasts today in order to get through the boring road hiking, I’m particularly enjoying Kermode and Mayo’s Film Reviews for BBC5. In some ways it’s silly because I rarely have heard or seen anything about the movies they are talking about, but it still makes for entertaining listening

Daily Summary
Date: Sept 4, 2011
Day 72
Daily Distance: 19 miles
Trip Distance: 1427.2 miles

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