Day 62

Chance got me up at sunrise and off we went into the desert. I forgot to say yesterday that we are entering an area called the Great Divide Basin or also, the Red Desert. Today we actually got it easy though, as a big thunderstorm rolled through, keeping it a bit cooler. It even rained a bit.

The miles came easily and my only concern was water. I got some out of a spring around lunch, and the next water from there is 25 miles. Walking away from that spring I felt quite vulnerable. Any big mistake, getting lost, missing the next water, or getting more injured… Big trouble. I don’t ever remember feeling that way on the PCT, probably because there were way more people and lots of cached water on top of the springs in the desert.

Anyways, the whole day was a bit of a grind, but at least it was quick. I scared off tons of antelope, but I’m still looking for wild horses, which are apparently out here somewhere…

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 25, 2011
Day 62
Daily Distance: 31.7 miles
Trip Distance: 1198.7 miles

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