Day 48

We slept in quite late today since we only had 15 miles to hike. We eventually got rolling at 10am. The scenery was pretty boring, it was a gravel road walk in forest the whole way.

We did meet 3 brothers hiking the CDT northbound, although it sounded like they had been forced to skip around a bit. They looked to be a range from 40s-50s. One was using an external frame pack that he got on eBay…

In the end we are right beside a “Welcome to Yellowstone” sign, with about 20 miles to Old Faithful Village. We have lots of town chores to do there, so it will be a busy day, especially if we want to fit in some touristy stuff!

Daily Summary
Date: Aug 11, 2011
Day 48
Daily Distance: 15 miles
Trip Distance: 889.2miles

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  1. Piper says:

    While in cowboy town USA (aka Dubois), I keep hearing the lyrics “Where have all the hikers gone?” Miss hanging with you guys.

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