Day 13 – Stratton


I ate a giant burger, with sausage patty, bacon, etc

Today was basically a day off, with a nice 5 mile walk to the highway, where we were quickly picked up by Boomerang, a southbounder who was just getting back on trail, but offered to take us into town first.  We picked up Robin enroute as he was walking and hitching (with Vanilla Thunder and Seth).

We got all our chores done and had a few good meals and snacks:

DBB 3 Smashed Blueberry, Shipyard Brewing Co. Signature Series (Portland, ME)
Hybrid between a Porter and a Scotch Ale. “Notes of coffee and chocolate accentuated with the aroma of blueberries”. Fruity, but not too sweet. Oh and did I mention 9% alcohol? “Smashed Blueberry pairs well with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s The Tonight Dough ice cream”.

Exciting times for my feet,  Megan convinced me to take all the tape off and soak them in soapy water,  then left the tape off for the day.  We shall see tomorrow.

We ended the night watching an acapella reality TV show to fall asleep to.  A good day off!


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2 Responses to Day 13 – Stratton

  1. susan breiddal says:

    haha hungry boy! so happy to know that your feet are okay. xo

  2. Davey says:

    I like the beer quest. A very worthwhile endeavour. I’m back from fishing, so just catching up on your trip. Sound like a memorable one so far.

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