Day 123

Well, good and bad day! The start wasn’t great as I woke up in the middle of the night to puke up my dinner. I was also having ridiculous dreams about not being able to progress in my walk until I “did it right” (not clear who was telling me this). When I was able to sleep, I was dead to the world, catching up from last night. In the morning, I’m not sure how to put this delicately, I shit my pants. Something is definitely going on, but I’m still hoping not Giardia!

Onto the good – I made great time into Lordsburg, including a nasty bushwhack through the desert, where even the meanest grasses had it out for me in some way. In town I got everything done and then thundershowers rolled in! So I got out there and enjoyed the rest of the day sun-free. Knowing I had to make miles these last days, I sadly wasn’t able to do laundry, so I will be one stinky dude by the end.

I could barely eat in town, no appetite, and it all came up rather quickly after town. I think I may have to go the rest of the way on Gatorade and Jolly Ranchers, because everything else upsets my stomach pretty badly. I also took some Immodium, fingers crossed on that one!

I hiked well into the night, following a “hard to find in daylight” cross-country route. So I mainly just checked my GPS regularly and followed vague compass readings in between (hard to dead reckon with no landmarks!).

So the good news! I’m still on track to finish Wednesday evening! Keeping that in the forefront of my mind 🙂

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 24, 2011
Day 123
Daily Distance: 37.6 miles
Trip Distance: 2539.5 miles

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2 Responses to Day 123

  1. Robert Ball says:

    Hi Riley, sorry to hear about the tough going with the end in sight. Hope your tummy settles down to the point of being able to enjoy the sweetness of completion. I am in awe of what you have accomplished through thick and thin. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back to Victoria. Jean and I leave for California Nov 4th returning the 18th so probably won’t see you until then.
    Wishing you good health and a dam good shower…..Robert

  2. susan says:

    Right on Bob! may your last two days be pleasant and safe. xoxoxo

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