Day 103

Slept like a baby, even while it rained off and on throughout the night. I had a nice morning hike along some pretty escarpments and valleys. Around lunch the weather turned and it started raining quite hard for the rest of the day. It was windy and cold too, so the day was pretty much ruined for enjoyment, I just walked as fast as possible to stay warm.

I caught up to Kevin and Piper around 5pm and we walked and caught up with everything since we last saw each other at the start of Colorado. The only reason I’ve caught them is that they keep going to weddings :).

I think getting to New Mexico has gotten me thinking too much about the end of the trail. I still have to focus on each day of hiking, because a month is a long time. If I just think about the end it kills enjoyment of the now.

Daily Summary
Date: Oct 4, 2011
Day 103
Daily Distance: 30.4 miles
Trip Distance: 2003.9 miles

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